If You SIT, You Must UNSIT.

No matter how you move, or want to move, if you are not dealing with the elephant in the room (which is actually a chair 🪑) then you are moving with a fraction of the ability you could be, and you are at much more risk than you should be.

Who is this course for?

sitters, and those hurt from sitting

Knowledge Workers

cannot escape sitting for a living

Everyday you're building a stronger brain, but breaking your body with a chair.

Physically Active

Sport, gym, or play.

If you're exercising with a body that's been shaped by sitting, there are risks. Repeat injuries happen because you haven't dealt with the root cause of them.

Work From Home

global shifts have made your home your office

You just can't seem to spend much time away from your desk, wherever you work.

Course Outline

Everything you need to UNSIT YOUR BACK.

Optimised Healing

  • We have no business spending time and money on ergonomics and exercise if our bodies are not primed for healing. 
  • We show you how to deal with the 3 non-negotiables for getting primed for recovery.

Spine Ergonomics

  • Don't know how to set up your desk, chair, computer or adjustable desk? Or which ones to buy? We've got you covered.
  • Do you know how to keep your back safe through all the desk abuse? Let us show you. Do you know how to approach sitting in cars, planes, buses and trains? If not, we'll show you.

Corrective Exercise

  • Four corrective exercise sessions per week for twelve weeks, delivered through videos and a program that you simply follow along with - easy peasy.
  • We cover the absolute fundamental tools you need to create spine stability, and hip and shoulder mobility, which is precisely what you need to protect your back.


Make sure that you have the following - this course needs your commitment.

  • Time, 4x 30-60min exercise sessions per week for 12 weeks

  • Foam Roller, medium in size and firm

  • Massage ball, preferably rubber for better grip

  • Exercise or yoga mat, and some free space to use it.


The best price it will ever be...

Your Instructors

Craig Van & Doc Marty

Craig and Martin have almost 20 years of combined experience in treating the consequences of sitting. Through this course, we help you deal with the root cause, once and for all.